Our Activities:

Thursday, 01.00 - 01.00
45 minutes: stretch out and multiply your possibilities
Tuesday, 15.45 - 16.30
45 minute actionplan
Wednesday, 15.45 - 16.30
Marketing & Sales
Merger & Acquisition
Supply Chain

Additional Workshop

 45 minute actionplan - One step closer to...

your future!

What inspiration did you get at the NCE? What did you find interesting about the different companies? And what is the common thread of this? In this workshop you turn all the inspiration you have  gained into a plan.

After the Nijmegen Career Event you will go home with a lot of information and impressions. How do you find out why some companies appeal to you and some less? And what does that mean for the choices you're going to make? What are your EEAs? What are your First Next Actions to achieve your dream career? 
In this workshop Cindy van Son and Marjon Cremers will give you insight and create your own action plan in 45 minutes!


45 minutes: stretch out and multiply your


Are your beliefs directly your limitation? Could it be that these beliefs limit you or even stop you from 'getting the most out of what's inside you'? 
Asking the question is answering him: Yes. In this workshop you will learn where your beliefs come from and how to adjust them. You will gain insight into how you give meaning to everything you experience and how it colours your future. If you look differently at 'the things that happen' in your life, when you adjust your judgment on it, you seem to be able to reach much further than you thought was possible. Keynote speaker Evelyne Peeters is a fanatical parapenter and invites you to make an exciting journey. 

Let yourself be carried on this journey to unlimited possibilities!

hosted by Evelyne Peeters, initiator TEDxYouth Amsterdam, 2010-2015 trainer life skills communication