Our Activities:

Presentation (NL)
Thursday, 13.45 - 14.30
Marketing & Sales
Supply Chain

AS Watson

We are A.S. Watson Benelux, the largest retailer in health & beauty in the world. You are probably familiar with our retail formulas Kruidvat, Trekpleister, ICI PARIS XL, Prijsmepper and Pour Vous as you can find them in every shopping street.  

The retail market is constantly changing, and so are we! The needs of our customers change everyday which challenges us to move along with this change and to remain relevant and successful. We want to be able to respond successfully and flexible to developments, but also exceed customer expectations. This means that we are constantly striving to work smarter to improve ourselves every day. With new ideas, new technology and new ways of working, we create more value and better results. This requires passion for our work, involvement, teamwork, professionalism and enthusiasm for innovation.  

During our workshop we would like to introduce you to our world. We will tell you something about our junior roles and answer questions like “What are the greatest projects you are working on?”, and “What can I expect when I start working for an international organization?” Despite the fact that we are an international organization, working for A.S. Watson Benelux feels like working for a family business. We respect and trust each other, but we are also fanatical and always want to win. Together we work towards the same goal: to put a smile on our customers face. Everyday.  

Working for A.S. Watson Benelux is being a part of a mix of people, skills and projects. Like our Marketing colleagues creating creative and entertaining commercials with our main character ‘Lies’, our Finance department focusing on innovation to enable, for example, self-scan checkouts, robotizations and dynamic financial dashboards for all our 1,600 stores and 3 distribution centra and our E-commerce team making sure that all our online activities run smoothly. This and more while al working together as one to make all our customers and colleagues everyone feel good, healthy and beautiful.  

During the NCE we represent all our business units such as: E-commerce, Finance, ICT and Marketing & Communications and more.  

As we are the largest health and beauty retailer of the Benelux, we have plenty of different roles to offer: internships, junior roles, traineeships for BA and MA degrees. We would like tell you more about these roles during the NCE. Already interested? Visit our website: werkenbijaswatson.nl