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Keep the Netherlands financially healthy 

The Tax and Customs Administration is the largest employer of accountants and tax professionals in the Netherlands. Hundreds of auditors conduct thousands of fiscal audits annually. These can be office audits, but also book audits, topical audits, or business audits. Our accountants look at not only the figures, but also at the story behind the figures. With the introduction of horizontal monetoring, they are increasingly working 'together' with business owners, from preliminary agreements to audits and sanctions. 

The work of our tax professionals is often an extension of societal developments and political decisions. This makes their work unique and intrinsically interesting. Where else than in the Tax and Cusoms Administration do you deal with, for example, the tax consequences of economic developments such as an online marketplace for private home rentals? Or the rapid rise of an internet company that mediates between travelers and providers of passenger transportation? 

Working as a tax professional or accountant at the  Tax and Customs Administration is not only very interesting content-wise, but your work really matters and contributes to a financially healthy Netherlands.


Visit our presentation where we will tell you more about work at the Tax Autorities and what the options are for students with an economic background. Check the website werken.belastingdienst.nl for more information, (graduation) internships and vacancies (jobs). Nothing found? Ask for a BD update for vacancies in the future, to keep you constantly informed. You can also follow the latest news easily via @BDCarriere and our company page on LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/belastingdienst.