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Presentation (NL)
Wednesday, 15.45 - 16.30


About de Belastingdienst

The Belastingdienst contributes to a financially healthy country 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our 25,000 colleagues do this by levying, collecting, and inspecting taxes meticulously and in accordance with the law. And by paying out allowances at the ‘Toeslagen’ [Allowances] department, inspecting the flow of commodities at the ‘Douane’ [Customs] department, and combating fraud and laundering at the ‘FIOD’ [Fiscal Intelligence and Investigative Service].  

Working at the Belastingdienst is meaningful. You make sure enough funds are available for healthcare, education, culture, and public transport. How exactly will you be able to contribute? Everyone can add to the table based on their expertise, whether you are an accountant, fiscal expert, or IT specialist, whether you are still in college, just started your career, or have already gathered years of experience in your field. Want to learn more? Discover your options at werken.belastingdienst.nl

This activity will be a live stream!