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Making sure the Netherlands keeps running. That is what we do 

At the Belastingdienst, we contribute to a financially healthy Netherlands 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our more than 30,000 people do this by levying, collecting and inspecting taxes carefully and in accordance with the law. And by paying benefits at Toeslagen, checking goods flows at Customs and combating fraud and money laundering at FIOD, the Fiscal Intelligence and Investigation Service. But also by building information dashboards and developing apps that are available to every Dutch citizen and company.  

Discover what you can do  

Working for Belastingdienst is meaningful. You ensure that our country keeps running. That there is money for healthcare, education, culture and public transport. That the Netherlands keeps doing business, learning and discovering. What exactly is your role in this? Everyone can contribute from his or her expertise or level, whether you are an accountant, tax consultant, purchaser, communications officer, data scientist or ICT-specialist. And whether you're still studying, just started working or already have years of experience within your field. Find out what you can do at Belastingdienst.  

Continuing to develop yourself  

Choosing a career with the Belastingdienst means choosing work with social impact as well as your own development. Because just like our organization, our people are constantly developing. Whatever knowledge and experience you have and whatever you do: at the Belastingdienst, you are stimulated every day to grow, to go for the best result and to ask the utmost of yourself.   

Want to know more or curious about our vacancies? 

Discover what you can do on werken.belastingdienst.nl