Our Activities:

Business Brunch (NL + EN, CV-Selection)
Wednesday, 11.15 - 12.00
Workshop (EN) (2 blocks)
Wednesday, 14.45 - 16.30


About Calco

Calco offers IT and Finance traineeships and we believe that you -with whatever Bachelor or Master study background- will go far. Because everyone has talent! And we'd love to help you discover and develop your talent.  

In two months’ time you will be trained and learn all the basics of IT or Finance. But also, the development of your soft skills will be addressed. Have you completed the training period? Then you will be deployed at a top 200 company in the Netherlands. Together we look at which role and which company suits you best. During the two-year program you will have a personal coach with whom you can discuss your development and where you can always knock on the door to discuss different matters. And did you know that you can continue to follow training programs during your deployment? At last, you will also get a permanent contract, you will be paid from day 1 and you will receive a NS Business card that you can also use privately. What are you waiting for? 

At the NCE

Heineken Case 
This workshop focuses on one of the crucial, non-technical roles within IT: Business Analyst. You’ll work in small teams to solve our unique and challenging Heineken Case, where you’ll experience what it takes to be a Business Analyst. Creativity and out-of-the-box thinking are required to guarantee a successful solution!   

Is IT boring? No way! 
During this Calco case, you will experience what it is like to work in IT without programming. Is that possible? Hell yes! Information analysts must have excellent communication skills to uncover incomplete information from all stakeholders and create valuable IT solutions. Essential features include listening, creative thinking, and asking questions. Will you join the workshop to find out if you could be an information analyst?