Our Activities:

Presentation (NL)
Tuesday, 15.45 - 16.30


About gzicht

gzicht is a team of driven consultants with different expertises. gzicht helps organisations in health care, governance, or education to keep up with the pace of change and to find solutions for complicated challenges in their business operations. The services that gzicht offers vary from the support of a medically specialised company to guiding governments in the procurement of healthcare. We help clients to gain control over their business operations by process optimisation and/or the implementation of a financial model. We do this in the form of projects and as ad interim, until the desired results have been reached.

Why we are looking for you! 

gzicht is a growing consultancy firm. We are continuously looking out for Dutch students who want to develop themselves as a consultant and showcase interest in financial- and business-related assignments. We prioritise your development in substance and skills if you work at gzicht.

At the Nijmegen Career Event

In our presentation, we will discuss the identity of gzicht and our activities. We will share why we do what we do and which opportunities for development we offer to our consultants.