Our Activities:

Presentation (NL)
Tuesday, 13.45 - 14.30
Presentation (NL)
Wednesday, 15.45 - 16.30
Marketing & Sales



LinkedLabels is a collaboration of five companies where we, together with more than 100 colleagues, help organisations realise their goals and ambitions through recruitment, selection, and interim services. Every company works from a specific focus area and specialisation, but all with a focus on (production) companies in Food! 

How can you add value while studying? 

Looking for a challenge during your study? We are constantly looking for talent! You can help our recruiters searching the right candidates as a sourcer. You add value by finding a perfect match for a job. Once working for us, there is a big chance you will end up working in a permanent role. Four students from the Radboud University have already preceded you and are recently working in sales, recruitment, HR, and marketing functions 

NCE 2021 

During NCE we will give 2 presentations:  

  • In our first presentation, we will tell you all there is to know about working as an interim professional at LinkedLabels. What kind of projects will you work on? What are the benefits for your personal development? What does an average working week look like? 

  • In our second presentation, we will tell you about the corporate roles at LinkedLabels. We will explain the different career opportunities throughout examples of what it is like when working in these functions. We will also tell you more about our culture and how we facilitate all colleagues (interim professionals and corporate) in a way they can make a difference in their profession every day.