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Ready for a career as a consultant? SeederDeBoer is looking for Junior Consultants! 

About SeederDeBoer 

SeederDeBoer is a medium sized consultancy organization with an office next to Amsterdam Central Station. With more than 130 consultants, we support our clients with implementing complex transitions in the health, public and financial sectors. We choose custom solutions over standard models and place the client’s perspective central during the process. We focus on a variety of organizational change issues and questions, but most issues contain one of the following components: organizational design and governance, process optimization, finance, digitalization and IT. 

Consultancy Traineeship 

Have you just finished your master’s degree? Do you have the ambition to tackle challenging organizational issues? Are you willing to invest in your personal and professional growth? If so, you are a perfect candidate for our Consultancy Traineeship! 

In our two-year Consultancy Traineeship, you will be trained to be an organizational consultant. As a Junior Consultant, you will work for several clients on different issues, independently or with colleagues. For example, you can start in the role of project or program management officer, process analyst or business analyst for the client. In addition to your assignment for the client, we invest heavily in your professional and personal development. The Consultancy traineeship is full of challenging assignments, trainings (related to personal and professional development) and useful feedback to learn about yourself and develop your soft and hard skills. This program will give you the best foundation for the next step in your career. 

We are looking for pro-active, enthusiastic colleagues that dare to think outside the box! SeederDeBoer is a fast growing consultancy firm, and our growth opportunities largely rely on our own consultants—your contribution is highly valued. Speaking of growth, apart from our regular Consultancy Traineeship, we also offer client-specific traineeships in the banking sector and exciting internship opportunities for students! 


At SeederDeBoer, people are the centre of the organization. We believe it is important to bring different perspectives to our assignments and to work with everyone, regardless of gender, cultural background or sexual orientation. We see diversity as something that makes our organization stronger and therefore also delivers better quality work. We are curious and open towards everyone's input. 


A few years ago, SeederDeBoer started the subsidiary Hieroo in Amsterdam, which is currently active in seven regions. With the Hieroo Traineeship, you will work as a Junior Consultant in your own region. Hieroo brings fresh, young talent to local organizations, aiming to revitalize and strengthen them. Check out the website www.hieroo.nl for more information.  


You can apply for the traineeship through: 

www.seederdeboer.nl, and we keep you updated on vacancies via our socials.