Our Activities:

Business market
Wednesday, 11.45 - 13.15
Workshop (NL, CV-selectie) (2 blocks)
Wednesday, 13.30 - 15.45


Almost graduated and ready for a career as consultant? 

SeederDeBoer is looking for Junior Consultants! 

About SeederDeBoer 
SeederDeBoer is a middle large consultancy firm operating in the Netherlands. We are mainly active at social organizations in the health care sector, housing agencies and financial organizations. We support those organizations with complex changes within the organization by advising, coaching and helping them with program- and projectmanagement. Together we successfully finish the changing process within the organization. We focus on many different issues and questions but most issues contain one of the following components: process- or organisationdesign, finance, digitalizing and IT. 

Consultancy Traineeship  
Have you just finished your master business economics, economics, econometrics or are you graduated from a technical study? Do you have the ambition to tackle challenging organizational issues? Do you have a strong personality and are you willing to invest in your professional and personal development? 

Then you’re a perfect candidate for our Consultancy Traineeship. 

During the Consultancy Traineeship we invest a lot in your professional and personal development. The traineeship has a duration of two intensive years full of challenging assignments, trainings (personal and content related) and usefull feedback to learn about yourself and your skills. In short: the best foundation for the next steps in your career. 
You will work with different assignments at different clients during the traineeship. You can start for example in the role of project-  and/or managementsupport, business control, or analyzing and describing key processes for the client. Your tasks benefit the client and benefit your own development. SeederDeBoer will coach, guide and support you during your assignments. 

We are looking for active and adventurous people. Thinking out of the box is appreciated and very welcome! SeederDeBoer is a fast growing consultancy firm with a lot of internal challenges as well where your effort is very appreciated too. 

During the workshop we will interactively explore the profession of consultancy, including your role in this field, and will work on a challaging case to get acquainted with the type of challenges/issues you will possibly deal with as a consultant at SeederDeBoer 

You can apply for the traineeship through www.seederdeboer.nl!