Our Activities:

Workshop (NL) (2 blocks)
Wednesday, 10.15 - 12.00
Wine & Dine (NL, CV-selection)
Wednesday, 14.45 - 15.30


About SeederDeBoer 
SeederDeBoer is a medium-sized consultancy firm operating in the Netherlands. We are mainly active at social organizations in the health care sector, housing agencies, and financial organizations, in both public and private domains. We support complex changes within these organizations by advising, coaching, and supporting them with program- and project management. Together we successfully implement the change process within the organization. We focus on many different issues and questions, but most issues contain one of the following components: business transformations, process or organizational design, finance, digitalizing, and IT. 

During this workshop, we will interactively explore the expression of consultancy, including your role in this field, and will work on a challenging case to get acquainted with the type of challenges/issues you will possibly deal with as a consultant at SeederDeBoer.