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Business market
Wednesday, 11.45 - 13.15
Presentation (NL)
Wednesday, 13.30 - 14.30

Total Specific Solutions

Total Specific Solutions (TSS) is a leading European provider of IT business solutions and consists of independent business units that deliver software solutions that provide our customers with real business value and allow them to operate at a high level of efficiency. Our domain knowledge helps us to understand the dynamics of each vertical market where we operate, so we can create intelligent, user-friendly, effective and efficient solutions for our customers. Each TSS business unit is such a specialist and the Business Units are active in the verticals healthcare, government, retail and many more. 

Our Team 

TSS is headquartered in the Netherlands and employs over 3000 highly motivated and skilled people in Europe. Their knowledge, drive, enthusiasm, eagerness to improve, customer focus are the skills and characteristics used to build our business enhancing and mission-critical software solutions. Through TSS Academy, we give them the tools and knowledge to continuously improve and update their skillset. People make the difference!  

TSS is part of Constellation Software Inc. (CSI), a public company listed on the Canadian Stock Exchange, which leads to reporting standards according to Dutch GAAP and IFRS. TSS is a rapidly growing organization, partly driven by around 30 acquisitions in the last 3 years over various countries including Denmark, Sweden, Germany, France and Romania. 

Our Vision 

TSS focuses on adding value to each of our vertical markets by: 

  • Building industry leading software solutions. 

  • Encouraging our talented people to innovate grow and succeed. 

  • Attracting and retaining the best and the brightest people in the industries we serve. 

  • Finding, acquiring and growing great companies. 

By doing so, we believe that this makes us the best software and services supplier across all of the vertical markets we serve. Our focus is on customer service, product innovation, quality, and technology.  

Total Specific Solutions has over 60 independently managed software Business Units in Europe. We offer them financial security, strategic guidance and share our best practices so that they can be leaders in their respective domains.  

Where the Business Units perform their operations independently, the financial administration is centrally performed at TSS headquarters. We have over 100 financially skilled employees in-house to support the Business Units and to help them improve the result. In addition to keeping the business units financially healthy, we ensure that acquisitions take place and are properly integrated into the TSS administration.