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Presentation (NL)
Wednesday, 09.15 - 10.00

Visser & Visser

About Visser & Visser 
Visser & Visser has over 30years of experience within the accountancy industry. Visser & Visser counts 390 employees divided over 12 locations. As a Full-service office, Visser & Visser offers a complete range of financial services for small and big entrepreneurs. 

Our values 
At Visser & Visser we find customer focus equally as important as the personal growth and development of our employees. Whether you decide to work within audit or fiscal department; you are guaranteed to work atop 25 accountancy offices. Our 390 employees are more than the sum of its parts. We fully believe that collaboration can make us thrive. Whether it is within the organisation or with our customers (organizations with five, fifty, or even five hundred employees). We support them in all aspects of their entrepreneurship, through our professionalism, innovative abilities, and our customer focus/awareness. We use the same awareness and focus regarding our employees. Because our success starts with your talent.