Committee 2020 - 2021

Chairman:  Myrthe van der Burgt 
Treasurer:   Loes Custers
Organization: Lieke Blaauw, Marieke Rutten 
Internal Relations: Jeroen Aanhane,  Brent van Rossum, Marthe van Erpers Roijaards 
External Relations:   Jelle Sterken, Eline Meiberg 

Chairman & Treasurer

Chairman:  Myrthe van der Burgt 

Hello everyone! My name is Myrthe van der Burgt. This year the honour is mine to be the chairman of the Nijmegen Career Event. After the previous successful edition, we are determined to make the upcoming event just as successful. The Nijmegen career event enables students to orientate between different companies and possibly find potential employers. Be inspired by professionals, get to know companies, and expand your network during this two-day event! To realize the Nijmegen Career Event 2021, I am on a daily base occupied with maintaining an overview, coordinating, and providing support for the subcommittees. We hope to welcome you all to the Nijmegen Career Event 2021!


Treasurer:  Loes Custers 

Dear reader, my name is Loes Custers and I may be the treasurer for this edition. To accomplish this beautiful event, I guard the treasury of the NCE. Prior to the event a lot of decisions have to be made. As the treasurer, I help making the decisions to ensure that the financial picture is correct. My advice for you as a participant: See the event mainly as an opportunity to invest in yourself, unfortunately, I experienced the lack of practice we get as University students. The NCE, therefore, offers you insight in the life after being a student, take this chance!

 Internal Relations

  Brent van Rossum, Marthe van Erpers Roijaards, Jeroen Aanhane


Hello everyone, lets introduce ourselves first. We are Jeroen Aanhane,  Brent van Rossum and Marthe van Erpers Roijaards. We have the privilege to announce that we will be the members of the internal relations committee for the Nijmegen Career Event 2021. This includes the opening surprise, why NCE? and the content that will be displayed on the website and on social media. Every year again, the event represents a great opportunity for students and companies to connectWe also hope to achieve the same outstanding results like previous years. This will be our main driver for the upcoming event. In the meantime, the preparations are in full swing. So, we hope to see you all at the Nijmegen Career Event 2021!  


External Relations

  Eline Meiberg, Jelle Sterken



Hi future participants of the NCE! We are Alex, Jelle and Eline. We would describe ourselves as committed, solution-driven and motivating, most importantly, able to motivate each other in the coming months. These skills and attributes make us the perfect fit for the Subcommittee regarding External Relations. We aim to offer a wide range of intriguing companies during this year’s Nijmegen Career Event. These companies are integral to us, using a combination of presentations, workshops and cases, to make the Nijmegen Career Event a success.  

For us the days leading up to the NCE will be filled with making and maintaining contact with the participating companies to ensure that everyone can get the most out of the event. 




 Lieke Blaauw, Marieke Rutten 

Hi! We are Lieke and Marieke and we make up the subcommittee ‘organization for this year’s event. It is our job to ensure that the Nijmegen Career Event 2021 goes by smoothly for all participants. This means that we are responsible for overseeing the registrations, making the personal schedules and maintaining contact witSanadome among othersOn the days of the event, we won’t be bored as we ensure that everything goes as planned: including everything from the coffee in-between rounds, to making sure everyone is in the right room at the right time. Of course, we will, together with the other subcommittees, do everything in our power to make the NCE 2021 a great success! 

Synergy & ESV

Study Association Synergy    

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6525 AJ Nijmegen
T: 024-3615598

Study Association ESV

Heyendaalseweg 141.00.140
6525 AJ Nijmegen
T: 024-3611929


For more information and/or questions about the Nijmegen Career Event you can contact the organisation by mailing to