The company:
During a presentation, the presenting company will tell you all about its business-related activities. Examples include what a day looks like for a company employee, which problems are solved on a daily basis, and what the core activity of the company actually is.

The student:
A student can ask questions at any time during the company presentation and will get a better idea of what kind of company it is. The groups vary from fifteen to about forty students. This is depending on the then-present COVID-19 measures as well.


The company:
The company will give a short presentation about itself (see ‘presentation’). Furthermore, the company will ask the attending students to think about a certain assignment, for example about a problem that needs to be solved or an innovative idea to improve things within the company. At the end of the workshop, students will have to present their ideas (in groups) to the company recruiters. 

The student:
The student participates interactively, with the company recruiters as well as with their fellow students. Students can come up with new ideas and discuss them during the workshop. A workshop is a serious matter, but it is also supposed to be interesting and fun! The groups vary from fifteen to about forty students, depending on the then-present COVID-19 measures as well.

Wine & Dine 

The company:
During the Wine & Dine, the company recruiters can get to know a small group of students better, while enjoying bites combined with different wines. Recruiters will tell something about themselves, about the company they work at, and about their daily working activities. Recruiters will also ask students about their interests and study trajectory. 

The students:
The student can tell about themselves and ask questions. They will actively participate in conversations with the company recruiters. The groups consist of six participants (company recruiters excluded). In order to be eligible for the Wine & Dine, the company will perform a CV selection.

Individual Conversations

The company:
During the individual conversation, a company recruiter asks specific questions to a student about his or her interest and study career. In this way, the company can find out whether the student might be a future asset to the company.

The students:
The student needs to be prepared for an individual conversation with the company. You should subscribe to the individual conversations if you are really interested in working or being an intern or trainee at that exact company. A student can ask the company recruiter what that company has to offer. Individual conversations are 15 minutes. The company will perform a CV selection for this activity. 

Business market

The company:
During the business market, companies can get in contact with students in an informal way. The company can discuss aspects which have been talked about in a more detailed fashion. Moreover, the company can get to know students better.

The student:
The student can talk to a company to get a better idea of the business activities, or to ask questions when something is not entirely clear. This allows the student to get a better assessment of the company. In this way, you can meet companies in a more informal way!

Opening speaker

Ever since I was a young boy, I had no clue what to do with my life. Most people seemed to have it all figured out and I just seemed to stumble through life. So much so that I chose to study Psychology only to chase a girl I had a crush on. You can see that I’m kind of an expert in making great life decisions. 

But during my studies, this feeling kept nagging at me. A feeling of: “Is this it?” Is this what’s going to prepare me for my career? Just sitting in lecture rooms all day while the world is out there… Not for me. I started to look outside of university and took some time to discover what I really wanted to do. So one day, I found myself in a workshop called “Create your own success” by David de Kock. And when I saw him on stage doing his thing, I knew, this is what I want to become. But how?

I won’t spoil my whole story for you as there are some good bits there, but not even a year later I was on stage with David and his colleague Arjan touring the Netherlands with our personal development program called “365 Days of Success”. And what success we had! I even got to give my very own TED talk and gave speeches in stadiums like Gelredome.

But even with all that success, the nagging feeling of “Is this it?” never left my mind. Having all that success but not feeling successful was a very depressing paradox. But then I made a very dramatic decision that turned my life around and at the Nijmegen Career Event, I’m going to tell you all about it. I’m going to teach you the four things you need to learn about yourself in order to build your own future. Because the only way to predict your future is to create it.

Kai Vermaas
Filmmaker, Public Speaker & Entrepreneur

Educated choice for jobs!

By Son&Klaar 

During this NCE, you will get to know organisations for a possible job or internship in the future. Their demand for employees is larger than the current availability of employees on the job market. That means you can choose where you want to start. That makes it fun, but it can also be difficult.

In this workshop, you will be able to connect your impressions of the attending organisations with the talents you have. So, you will be able to determine which organisation or job fits you the most! You will learn to look with your personal competences to work!