The company:
During a presentation, the presenting company will tell you all about its own business-related activities. For example what a day looks like for a company employee, which problems are solved on a daily basis, and what the core activity of the company actually is.

The student:
A student can ask questions at any time during the company presentation and will get a better idea of what kind of company it is. The groups vary from fifteen to about forty students.


The company:
The company will give a short presentation about itself (see ‘presentation’). Furthermore, the company will ask the attending students to think about a certain assignment, for example about a problem that needs to be solved or an innovative idea to improve things within the company. Lastly, students will have to present their ideas (in groups) to the company recruiters at the end of the workshop. Even online there are many possibilities to support workshops with tools. 

The student:
The student participates interactively, as well with the company recruiters as with their fellow students. Students can come up with new ideas and discuss them during the workshop. Of course a workshop is a serious matter, but it’s also supposed to be interesting and fun! The groups vary from fifteen to about forty students.

Wine & Dine 

The company:
During the Wine & Dine, the company recruiters can get to know a small group of students better, while enjoying bites combined with different wines. Recruiters will tell something about themselves, about the company they work at and about their daily working activities. Recruiters will also ask students about their interests and study trajectory. Even online, the Wine & Dine can take place. The organization of the Nijmegen Career Event will make sure there is a suitable solution for the wines.

The students:
The student can tell about themselves and ask questions. They will actively participate in conversations with the company recruiters. The groups consist of six participants (company recruiters excluded). In order to be eligible for the wine tasting, the company will perform a CV-selection.

Individual Conversations

The company:
During the individual conversation a company recruiter asks specific questions to a student about his or her interest en study career. In this way, the company can find out whether the student might be a future asset to the company.

The students:
The student needs to be prepared for an individual conversation with the company. You should subscribe for the individual conversations if you are really interested in working or being an intern or trainee at that exact company. A student can ask the company recruiter what that company has to offer. Individual conversations of 15 minutes each take place with one student at the time and the company will perform a CV-selection. 

Business market

The company:
During the business market, companies can get in contact with students in an informal way. The company can discuss aspects which have been talked about in a more detailed fashion. Moreover, the company gets to know students better, in order to have a more complete picture of the student.

The student:
The student can talk to a company to get a better idea about the business activities, or to ask questions when something is not entirely clear. This allows the student to get a better assessment of the company. Even online, the business market will be organized. In this way, you can meet companies in a more informal way!

Opening speaker

Past NCE Evelyne Peeters was our opening speaker. She is one of the people who set up TEDxYouth in Amsterdam.

Over a decade ago I was invited to the very first TEDx conference in the Netherlands, TEDxAmsterdam 2009. At the time I was not familiar with TEDx, but once I attended this boundary moving event, I was immediately captivated by the concept. I saw a great opportunity to transfer this concept into a motivating yearly event for youngsters. So I decided to transform the TEDx concept into a conference for youngsters of 12 - 20 years of age, both as speakers as well as attendees. The next year, with the help of many great volunteers, that dream became reality. In 2010, at Science Centre Nemo, we celebrated the very first TEDxYouth conference in the world. It was a great success. Both the young speakers as well as the 150 attendees, were celebrating this great feast of possibilities. For 5 recurring years I organized this annually TEDxYouth Amsterdam event. Meanwhile I introduced TEDx-workshops, theme-weeks and courses at a variety of high schools.

The leading part of every TEDx conference, course or workshop always was : ‘What can I do to realize my dream?’ - whatever that dream might be, one always can achieve much more than you think you can or than people around you think you’re capable of.

Picasso once said:

It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.

In this key-note we will explore how you can tab again into the enormous creative possibilities you once had when you were a child.

Evelyne Peeters - Initiator TEDxYouth Amsterdam 2010-2015 trainer life skills communication

Past NCE we had the following two 45 minutes workshops:


45 minute actionplan – One step closer to... your future! 

What inspiration did you receive during the NCE? What did you find intriguing about the different companies? And what is the common thread of this?

In this workshop, you convert all of your acquired inspiration into an action plan. Especially now everything is online, this could be a very useful step towards your career!

After the Nijmegen Career Event, you will be left with lots of information and impressions. How do you discover why some companies appeal to you more than others? And what does that mean for the future choices you make? What are your FSEs? What are your First Subsequent Actions to achieve your dream career?

In this workshop, Cindy van Son and Marjon Cremers provide you with insights and you'll make your own action plan in 45 minutes


45 minutes: stretch out and multiply your

Are your beliefs directly your limitation? Could it be that these beliefs limit you or even stop you from 'getting the most out of what's inside you'? 
Asking the question is answering him: Yes. In this workshop, you will learn where your beliefs come from and how to adjust them. You will gain insight into how you give meaning to everything you experience and how it colours your future. If you look differently at 'the things that happen' in your life, when you adjust your judgment on it, you seem to be able to reach much further than you thought was possible. Keynote speaker Evelyne Peeters is a fanatical parapenter and invites you to make an exciting journey. 

Let yourself be carried on this journey to unlimited possibilities!

Hosted by Evelyne Peeters, initiator TEDxYouth Amsterdam, 2010-2015 trainer life skills communication