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Wednesday, 09.30 - 11.45
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Bol Adviseurs

Bol Adviseurs

Hey there! So you are (about to be) a graduate looking for a way to kickstart your career? What a coincidence! We are here looking for talented people just like you. Young professionals that want to perform at the top of their game professionally, while being able to develop and grow personally at the same time. Does that sound like you? Read on then!

Let us introduce ourselves first!

We are Bol Adviseurs, a full-service, middle large advisory practice based in the southeast of the Netherlands. Over 180 professionals in accountancy, auditing, consultancy and tax all work together for our common goal: helping entrepreneurs to get the best out of themselves and their businesses. From our offices in Nijmegen, Veghel, Boxmeer and Venray, we help entrepreneurs overcoming the various complex and interesting challenges that they are facing in today’s (inter-) national business climate .

Wow that’s impressive, but why is Bol Adviseurs the right place for me?

As financial professionals, we love working with numbers. Not working as numbers. At Bol Adviseurs, we strongly believe that people can achieve great things when they have a work-life balance that suits them. That’s why we put so much emphasis on personal freedom and personal development. As we value our open company culture, we are maintaining short lines to make you feel at home, in a working environment in which you can share your ideas and learn from your co-workers.

Okay, that sounds like a place where I would like to work! What kind of positions do you offer?

Glad you asked! We offer several positions in accountancy, auditing, tax and consultancy. Still feeling undecided about your future profession our you just don’t want to commit to a single occupation yet? Maybe our Traineeship is something for you! In this program, you’ll get to work within all our departments to find out which profession suits you the best. At the end of the program, we will work together with you on a tailor-made career plan, based on your qualities and personal interests.

Not finished your education yet? If you are motivated to gain some relevant working experience while completing study, maybe an internship at Bol Adviseurs is something to consider! We highly recognize the benefits of introducing interns to our daily business and we have built a substantial track-record over the last few years in helping students to take their first steps as a professional. As a matter of fact, 15% of our interns has become our colleague after the internship, so don’t hesitate to ask us about the opportunities if you are interested.

Want to get to know us better?

Our enthusiastic colleagues Walter, Thomas and Suzanne are looking forward to meet you! You can meet them at our stand or during the workshop. In our workshop, Walter and Thomas will tell you more about the importance of looking beyond the numbers in your job as a consultant. They will illustrate this by diving deeper into well-known companies as Apple, Coca Cola and Zalando. How do these organizations cope with developments and trends in their markets? And how can you interpret the financial information of these organizations in their respective contexts? Walter and Thomas show you how you can understand the true nature of these companies better, by rather looking at the bigger picture than by only analyzing their figures.

Want to get to know us some more?

Visit our stand en meet our enthusiastic colleagues Walter, Thomas and Suzanne.

Want to discover more about Bol and our culture before visiting us. Check our website www.kunjijbolwerken.nl