Our Activities:

Presentation (NL)
Wednesday, 13.45 - 14.30

Frisse Blikken

What we do? 

We help large organizations with issues for which it is logical that you use the fresh perspective of the new generation. Our entrepreneurial talents provide clout in projects. We ensure results with our innovative solutions. 


How do we do that? 

With our Frisse Blikkers of course; these are creative project managers brimming with decisiveness and entrepreneurship. Of course, with a good dose of freshness and analytical skills. With the skills of the current generation in their pocket, they offer clout in projects from Monday to Thursday. In this way they know how to stimulate organizations and ensure results with innovative solutions. On Friday, Frisse Blikkers invest in themselves by working on their personal development and entrepreneurship. 


Curious about more? 

Are you the new generation and are you eager to use your fresh perspective with us? Are you curious about what kind of projects we carry out exactly? Or do you want to know more about the development program that we offer Frisse Blikkers? Whatever it is; we are happy to tell you more! We offer jobs and internships in several different disciplines. Take a look at our website, or schedule a coffee appointment with one of our Frisse Blikkers. But first of all, we are looking to meet you at NCE in Nijmegen!