Our Activities:

Business market
Tuesday, 12.45 - 14.15
Individual conversation (NL, CV-selection)
Tuesday, 14.30 - 15.30
Presentation (NL)
Tuesday, 15.45 - 16.45


Make a difference by building on 'a better working world' 
At EY we look further than the numbers and results of an enterprise or organisation alone. Our international purpose is: Building a better working world. By which we mean that we not only want to make a contribution to the business of our clients, but also to the role they play in their environment and thus to a better working world. 

Highest performing teams 
At EY we believe that teams, which contain specialists with different backgrounds and talents, will achieve the best results.  For our clients, for their direct environment and for the world around us. In order to compose these teams, we need– much more than before – people who think flexible and adapt easily. People with different backgrounds, talents and educations. Of course we are still looking for accountants, fiscalists, economists and people with a business background. But econometrists and technicians are also welcome. We cherish the differences. Just because we believe that these differences can complement and enhance each other.  

Personal Career Design: long live the differences              
Our program EY Personal Career Design ensures that the competences of all these different people are used in the best way. This means that we deliver custom work. We take your study, character, background and wishes into account. The starting point and the end point within our organisation is different for everyone. The same counts for the path you will follow. The most important thing is that you, in your own specific situation, can make the most of it.   

Leading in financial services 
EY is leading in assurance, tax, transactions, advisory and financial services. Specialties which will become more and more important. Within the serviceline assurance, the accountancy job has changed rapidly the last years. In particular, the extension of it.  Before we almost exclusively focused on controlling and making financial statements, now we also deal with fraud prevention and sustainability reporting. In addition, we advice on financial and IT-issues, while taking into account the undependability rules carefully. 

Does this fit you? 
How do you fit in this dynamic environment? Good study results, an analytical mind and a pleasant way of dealing with people is good: knowing that you want is even better. Figure this out by attending our interactive workshop and determine if EY fits with you!  

Be aware: the presentation is for Dutch students only. 

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