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Wednesday, 13.45 - 14.30
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Stolwijk Kennisnetwerk

Choose freedom; choose Stolwijk Kennisnetwerk! 
Stolwijk Kennisnetwerk is a group of collaborating specialists in accounting, HR, process optimisation and IT, integrity management, restructuring, and acquisition guidance. Our knowledge network represents a variety of labels. When you work for us, you can not only count on your immediate colleagues, but you also have access to a support base of 200 professionals with a wide variety of specialisations. Our unique collaboration method allows us to turn business challenges into workable solutions. Equally importantly, we can learn a lot from each other. We are a good-natured organisation and are always ready to help each other out. Regardless of whether you work from Zevenaar, Doetinchem, or Wijchen, we are all on the same team—and that shows. 

Find out what label suits you during our presentation 
Stolwijk Kelderman is specialised in accounting and taxation but operates differently than a traditional accounting firm. We focus on real-time insight into and involvement with our customers and their figures. 

Stolwijk Philipsen helps local businesses with accounting, financial administration, payroll administration, and tax consultancy. 

Stolwijk van Wijk offers customers insight into certain investment decisions, such as in the context of the acquisition or sale of a company or division, or during financial or fiscal restructuring. 

TLA Advies helps businesses with "proactive business". They do this through process optimisation, IT, and information provision, allowing our customers to do business more effectively and efficiently using their own business information.