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What is Magnet.me 

You have probably heard of Tinder, right? Well, we bring you just that, but then to find your ideal internship or entry-level job!  


At Magnet.me we believe that finding a professional match is just as important as finding a romantic match. It’s important to find an internship, traineeship or job that matches your interests and needs, to ensure that you will flourish in the company. Magnet.me is here to help you find that perfect match. Magnet.me is the biggest online career network for students and graduates in The Netherlands. On Magnet.me, you can connect with 5000+ employers and easily find an internship, traineeship or job that you’ll love.  


How does it work? 

On Magnet.me you can create a free profile and fill out what you study, what your interests are, experiences you have, etc. Based on that and on your search inquiry, the algorithm will select jobs that match your requirements. You can then “like” and “ignore” these jobs. If you “ignore”, the job will disappear and a better recommendation will appear. If you “like” a job, the recruiter of that company will be notified and reach out to you with a personalized message, inviting you for a coffee, for example. That way you can easily get in touch with recruiters from different companies, and find something you will love! 


Ready to find love? 

So are you ready to find your match with a company? Create your free profile on Magnet.me today and start exploring which companies are interested in connecting with you. Magnet.me will also be present at NCE with a professional cv-photobooth and with cv-checks, to get your cv-photo or Magnet.me profile picture taken. Will we see you there? 


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