Committee 2022 - 2023

Chairman:  Jasper van Dijk
Treasurer:   Ida Heemkerk
Organisation: Danisha van Ampting, Christina Seelen
Internal Affairs: Femme van Tienen, Vera Gelinck
External Affairs:  

Femke Rooijmans, Maarten van Craaikamp, Matthijs van Ginkel



  Jasper van Dijk

My name is Jasper van Dijk and this year I am the chairperson of the Nijmegen Career Event. In the five years that I have been living and studying in Nijmegen, I have had the opportunity to work with many enthusiastic and talented students and study the theory of business administration and economics. In recent years, it has become increasingly important for me to discover what you can do with these studies in practise. The NCE offers fantastic opportunities for students to find out! My role in the organisation of the NCE is to ensure the connection between the subcommittees and to oversee the process. The mission of the committee is to get students excited about their career opportunities by bringing together students and organisations. To contribute to this, I actively support the work on all processes, which often transcend subcommittees. We are confident in organising  a successful NCE 2023 and of course we hope to see you there! 



  Ida Heemkerk

Hello future participant of the NCE! Welcome to our website. My name is Ida Heemkerk, treasurer of Nijmegen Career Event 2023. This year I want to commit myself with conviction and enthusiasm to enthuse you (student) about your career opportunities by connecting you with companies. That is the mission of our committee. I will contribute to this by taking on the responsibility of the finances, but I also hope to contribute in other ways! The Nijmegen Career Event 2023 will be an incredibly fun and educational event and of course I hope to see you there. See you then! 



  Danisha van Ampting, Christina Seelen

Hi! We are Danisha van Ampting and Christina Seelen and together we form the organization of NCE 2023. As the organization we are busy on the days of the event to ensure that everything runs smoothly. In this way we ensure that your planning is correct and that you know where you need to be in the Sanadome. Right now we are also happy to arrange the smaller things for the event, which complete the NCE, such as choosing the music and goodies. You can always approach us for questions or if something is not completely clear, because we are happy to help you! 


We are already looking forward to the event and hope to see you soon at NCE 2023! 

Internal Affairs

  Femme van Tienen, Vera Gelinck


Hello, my name is Femme van Tienen and this year Vera Gelinck and I will be responsible for the internal affairs of the NCE committee. This means that we are responsible for the communication and marketing of NCE 2023. It is our responsibility to keep you informed prior to and during the Nijmegen Career Event. You can find all information regarding NCE 2023 on this website, as well as on our social media platforms (@nijmegencareerevent). We hope to help you prepare and enjoy the Nijmegen Career Event! 


External Affairs

  Femke Rooijmans, Maarten van Craaikamp, Matthijs van Ginkel



Hello, we are Femke Rooijmans and Maarten van Craaikamp and together with Matthijs van Ginkel we get to supervise external affairs this year. Specifically, this means that we are responsible for building and maintaining strong and lasting relationships with the participating companies. During the event we will be present to receive and guide the representatives of the companies.  

Our contribution to the mission of the NCE is to enthuse students about their career opportunities by ensuring a diverse range of companies present. Thus, we connect students and the companies.  

In short, the NCE offers fantastic opportunities for students and companies. We look forward to meeting you and making it a successful Nijmegen Career Event 2023 together! 


Synergy & ESV

Study Association Synergy    

Heyendaalseweg 141.00.180     
6525 AJ Nijmegen
T: 024-3615598
E: bestuur@synergy.nu
W: www.synergy.nu

Study Association ESV

Heyendaalseweg 141.00.140
6525 AJ Nijmegen
T: 024-3611929
E: info@esvnijmegen.nl
W: www.esvnijmegen.nl


For more information and/or questions about the NCE, you can contact the organisation by mailing to info@nijmegencareerevent.nl.