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Woensdag, 13.45 - 15.30 uur
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Blueprofs is a consultancy firm with a unique focus on the water sector. We believe that change and innovation are driven by people and we are known for our strong collaborative approach.  


Our clients are important players in the water sector: a dynamic environment with great social importance that faces complex challenges such as climate change, increasing urbanization and rapid digitalisation. We support these organizations to face their challenges, by delivering project management, process improvement, interim management, strategic support and innovation management. We are often involved in all phases of a project: from initiation until implementation.   


As a company, we find it essential to make a positive contribution to people and our planet. On top of the positive environmental contribution of our work, we aim to fully compensate our (climate) footprint. We are not a bureaucratic or a hierarchic company and like to empower our team to get involved in all aspect of the business. And most importantly: we strive to make work more rewarding and more fun, both for our employees and our clients. 


Blueprofs believes in the importance of the development of its employees. We regularly offer courses, about topics such as Scrum Agile, Lean, or personal leadership. Our training programme also includes e-learning, a buddy, a coach and intervision sessions to grow on a professional and personal level. At least twice a month, we gather to learn from each other’s knowledge and experience.   


To strengthen our collegial bond and to maintain our informal culture, we organise barbecues, regular Friday afternoon drinks, party nights and a winter sport trip to Austria. We also participate in various sport events like the Zevenheuvelenloop in Nijmegen. We find a healthy work-life balance important and therefore we offer everybody unlimited holidays (yes, you’re reading this right!). We are driven to be a great place to work for all our employees.  


Blueprofs is a sister company of Energyprofs, a consultancy firm focussing on the energy industry. We share the same values and approaches and regularly see each other during training sessions and informal activities. We believe that it is a unique opportunity to be both part of a small team, as well as a larger organisation.  


We are looking for new ambitious, entrepreneurial-minded colleagues with exceptional social skills and a Master’s degree. Are you interested in working at a young, dynamic and informal organization where you can grow as a professional consultant? Come visit us at our workshop, our stand at the business market or during the wine and dine. We look forward to meeting you! 


About the workshop 

Change and innovation are about people. At Blueprofs, we don’t come up with solutions for our clients, but with our clients. A professional workshop is a valuable method to collect ideas, make plans and to formulate a mutual goal, vision or strategy. In this interactive workshop, you will learn how to organise a professional workshop and you will receive some practical tips and tricks from one of our experienced consultants. Are you ready to give your career as a consultant a kickstart? Then subscribe yourself for the Blueprofs workshop!    


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