About Nijmegen Career Event

The Nijmegen Career Event, in short NCE, is an annual event with the aim of connecting students and companies. At this event, several companies show through presentations and workshops how students can apply their knowledge with regard to business administration and economics in practice.

For students who have already passed the orientation phase, the NCE offers the opportunity to introduce students and companies to each other by facilitating individual conversations. Here, both the student and the organization can see whether there is a fit between them for, for example, an internship, a traineeship, or a starting position.

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The NCE is the result of a collaboration between Study Association Synergy and the ESV, representing the studies of Business Administration, (Business) Economics, Law and Management, and International Business Administration. For questions or requests regarding the event you can contact us at info@nijmegencareerevent.nl.

Frequently asked questions NCE


Who is the audience of the NCE? 

The NCE is organized for students who are exploring their options for after graduation and seeking information on various companies. It offers a unique opportunity to learn about the different paths available and gain valuable insights to help guide your future. So the NCE is relevant for students who are just starting to think about post-graduation plans and for students who have already begun their search.


Why is going to the NCE a good decision?‚Äč

During the event, companies and students will be introduced and have the opportunity to meet one another. On this occasion, students can gain information and reveal their potential. 


What are the subscription deadlines?

The registrations are now open! The registrations with CV selection are open until 15 November 2023. The other registrations are open until 22 November 2023. 


What is the dress code? 

The dress code for the NCE is business formal. 


What does a day at the NCE look like? 

The two-day event opens with a guest speaker. After the opening, two rounds start in which you can visit the presentations and workshops of the various companies you have registered for. During lunch there is a business market where you will have the opportunity to get in touch with all the companies present. Afterwards, there are three more rounds of activities for which you need to have registered. In addition to presentations and workshops, you can have one-on-one conversations with the companies or participate in a wine & dine. At the end of both event days, students will have the opportunity to connect and engage with the participating companies over drinks.

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